Finding Canadian Casinos with Dedicated Poker Platforms

Online poker has been in the news in Canada of late, with at least one national operator having announced that local players will soon have access to the iconic brand’s gaming services.

This is good news for poker fans, who have had to cope with the relative decline of the vertical ever since its halcyon days of the noughties.

Of course, there are other online casinos in Canada that also boast dedicated poker platforms, as we can see from this 888 Casino review . We’ll explore this below, while appraising the platforms that offer poker to their players in 2021 . Is Online Poker Legal in Canada?

While the full legality of online gambling in Canada represents something of a grey area, the landscape is considerably clear when it comes to games of skill such as virtual poker .

More specifically, it’s explicitly legal in Canada for international brands to offer a host of iGaming verticals to natives, including online slots, live casino titles and video poker games (including real-time and competitive tournaments).

While restrictions exist for local operators, licensed lotteries are also able to offer poker games to customers, alongside other online verticals that are legal within the jurisdiction.

As we’ve already touched on, PokerStars and its iconic platform is also being opened up to Canadian players, with this having not historically been the case. This will open up even more opportunities for both casual and competitive players alike, who can participate in safe and immersive tournaments with lucrative cash prizes . A Brief Look at Online Poker in Canada

If we look at the overall gambling market in Canada, we see that this is projected to reach a cumulative value of $4.6 billion by 2030.

All iGaming verticals (including poker) should account for $2.4 billion of this total yield within the time-frame, assuming further legalisation of the market and the rollout of more defined online gambling laws.Of course, poker accounts for a relatively small percentage of this total market, at around 5%. To this end, just 3.5% of all gambling Canadians regularly play card games such as online poker, with this […]

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