Veteran casino gamblers might not believe it, but five options are better than getting comps in a casino. Of course, you might be able to get comps still when you use some of these other ways to get something from gambling, but you can’t afford to ignore these five options.

Is your goal when you gamble to get as many comps as you can , or is your goal to win as much money as you can?

If you want to maximize your comps, you can keep doing what you’ve been doing. But if you want to win as much money as you can, consider adding one or more of the five options included in this post. 1 – Online Casino Bonus Offers

It’s difficult to pin down exactly how much you get in comps when you gamble in a casino. This is because casinos don’t share their exact formulas for their comp programs, and every casino uses an in-house formula. In other words, what you get from one casino probably isn’t exactly the same as you get from another casino.

The general belief is that most casinos give back somewhere from .1% to .2% of the money you risk in comps. Notice that these numbers aren’t 1% to 2%. These numbers are one-tenth of 1% or two-tenths of 1%.

Here’s an example to show what these numbers mean in a way that’s easy to understand. You make bets totaling $50,000 and get .1% back in comps. You receive comps worth $50. And in most cases, you don’t get $50 in cash. Instead, you get services or merchandise with a retail value of $50.

Compare this to what you can get from some online casinos in the form of bonuses. You can get online casino bonuses that range in value from $5 or $10 to over $1,000. It’s not hard to find dozens of online casino bonus offers worth more than $50 if you’re willing to make bets totaling $50,000.

You have to read the terms for every bonus to make sure that you can cash out the bonus after you clear the playthrough requirements […]

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