How to make money off online apps

The internet has been revolutionary, connecting humans across the planet, allowing for the exchange of ideas, services, and goods across borders, allowing people to interact with like minded individuals at any time, and from anywhere, creating online communities that bring people together. More recently, apps have taken the market by storm, enabling consumers not only to spend money, but also to make money. There are many apps available on the market that allow individuals to invest, gamble, and generally watch their money grow.

888 Poker Poker is one of the most popular games of all time, having survived and evolved over hundreds of years. Tracing its origin back to renaissance Italy, several variations came about over the years, ultimately heading over to the US with the French colonists and becoming a popular river boat game along the Mississippi.

Various legislation has both restricted the game, and allowed it to flourish, and it is certainly one of the main sources of income for places like Las Vegas and Nevada. Advances in technology and the move online have continued to work in pokers favour; over 100 million people across the globe play poker.

Poker games are a very popular way to make money. Operators have managed to use technology to really enhance the player experience in the online world, including offering tournaments, progressive jackpots, and large prize pools. Players who can keep their nerve and take the time to learn the rules of the game have ample opportunities to be successful. Some of the top poker players have found their fame and wealth using online poker games, such as Isildur1, who won millions of dollars before his identity was even known!

Online Surveys

Online surveys are one easy way to make (small) amounts of money, and there are hundreds of different options. Google Opinions Rewards in one of the easiest ones to get started. Consumers simply download the app and complete short surveys, and they are then rewarded with Google Play of PayPal credits. Surveys can be on anything and are usually short enough to be taken whilst waiting for a coffee, […]

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