Sports Betting Going in Different Directions in California, Missouri

Since 2018, sports betting has taken off across the States of America. The ability to bet on sports, either online or live, has energized fans of all sports and helped the coffers of different states. Two states, however, are heading in two completely different directions regarding the dicey subject.

California Maybe…

The state of California has always had a hit-or-miss approach with gambling. While they do offer poker rooms, casino gaming, and betting on horse racing across the state, they have been very close minded to the expansion into the online gaming arena. For years online poker has struggled to gain acceptance from the California General Assembly, but it seems that sports betting might be faring a bit better.

In California, Proposition 27 would open the doors to sports betting, both online and live, in the most populous state in the U. S. Another proposal, Proposition 26, would only allow for live betting to be conducted with the state’s Indian casinos and the four horse racing facilities that exist. Both sides seem to understand what is at stake, as over $400 million has been spent by lobbyists on both sides of the proposition.

The Indian casinos in particular seem to push the Yes on 26/No on 27 end of the spectrum, with several tribes spending money to support that approach. The tribes have directly lobbied against it, with upwards of $91 million being spent. Meanwhile, the major sports betting operations – DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and others – has thrown their full weight behind Proposition 27, which would allow them to enter the state’s gambling industry.

Missouri Waits Until…

While entities in the Golden State wait for November 8 and the vote of the people, Missouri has directly shut the doors to potentially opening for sports betting this year.

Faced with a cut in the state income tax rates, legislators in Jefferson City are meeting in special session to consider options for raising revenues. One thing that isn’t on the table, according to Columbia Missourian journalist Kurt Erickson , is for the state to join in on the rush to authorize sports betting […]

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