At some point, brick-and-mortar online casino die-hards complained that online casinos lacked the oomph of a “real” casino. The online casino operators harnessed the power of technology to offer their players a “real” casino feel through live casino games. These games offer players a more realistic casino environment.

The new technology enabled players to interact through live chats making their experiences more immersive. In this sense, top-rated US online poker sites offer their players live dealer games. Many respected casino game developers like XproGaming, Vivo, Ezugi, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming develop live dealer games.

Players will also enjoy transparency because they can see what the dealer is doing. The games allow you to play against the dealer or the house in different poker variations . This post reveals the strategies and tips you can use to enjoy your live poker game better. Start With the Basics

It is essential to understand poker basics. For instance, it would help to know the poker variants available. The most prevalent live poker variations include: Texas Hold’em

Live Russian Poker

Caribbean Stud

Three Card Poker

Out of these, Casino Hold’em is the most played poker variation . The game has a regular deck with 52 cards. The player’s goal is to create the best five-card poker hand possible.

The action usually begins with an ante bet (or an initial bet). Players can also place side bets like the pair plus bet. The live dealer deals the player and themselves two cards and three additional “community” cards known as the flop on the table. You share the cards and attempt to form the best five-hand possible.It would help to understand these basics from the beginning. If you don’t, you might find it challenging to play live poker games. Tips to Consider To make your live poker experience more immersive, you can use these tips: Know when to fold. First, avoid folding too often but be true to yourself. It would help to know when you should cut your losses and wait until you have a better hand. Eliminate weaker players. Scan around for fragile […]

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