Top 10 Online Poker Variants

Poker has a vast number of variants, from large table games to battles between man and machine. Each one offers something different to pioneering players ready to explore the rich range of options, so we’ve compiled a quick guide to the best poker variants currently available online.

> Texas Hold’em Poker is the staple of poker tables around the world, and the most commonly played variation online. Each player is dealt two cards, before several rounds of betting as each one of five community cards are revealed. Tense, tactical and requiring plenty of thought, this is truly the poker master’s game of choice. Poker newbies might want to freshen up on Texas Hold’em strategy ahead of the game.

Played without the pressure of rivals around the table, players can see and bet on any of the four hands laid. Hold out for the ‘flop’, turn’ or ‘river’ in a bid to bag the best odds (or lowest risk). Available at Betfair Poker, Exchange Poker is an excellent place to pick up the odds and tactics of Texas Hold’em Poker, particularly as you can watch as many hands as you like before placing a bet.

Available at Ladbrokes Poker and 888 Poker , Texas Choose’em is a fast-paced alternative to the carefully considered Exchange Poker. Players are presented with two full hands of five cards, one face up, the other face down. They must then choose which they deem to be the highest scoring poker hand. Winnings can be rolled over until the player chooses to collect. While less useful than Exchange Poker as a teaching aid, it’s a great test of nerve ahead of a trip to the table.

Before the advent of Hold’em, Seven Card Stud Poker was king of the poker table. With no community cards, players bet solely on the cards they’re dealt, which means fewer high hands: so there’s generally fewer frayed nerves as less players chase straights and flushes. Instead, there’s a greater focus on calculating odds and aggressive early betting.

If simplicity is your thing, there can be few better […]

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