Training Course Review: Mental Game Tune Up for Tournament Poker

Mental Game Tune Up with Jared Tendler Poker is a complex game with an infinite amount of variables to consider when making decisions, you need to have your mental game tuned in to produce your best work and achieve the best results you can.

More so now than ever, the best poker players train their mental game to same the degree as they would when studying poker theory and thanks to Jared Tendler, this training course will give you all the necessary tools to do just that.

Tendler is a known name amongst the poker echelons after his respected works in both volumes of The Mental Game of Poker . Now ten years after his first foray into poker literature, his eight module virtual training course is sure to give your mind the training it needs to set up gameplans that will allow you to be best prepared heading into any poker series.

Each module is split into two sections, you have Tendler’s seminars and then you have the more exciting section of the course. Users get to see two top pros going through the same process – Diego Ventura , the 27th ranked online player with lifetime winnings of over $6.7m and Matt Affleck , one of the most popular players in the world with total live earnings of over $3.3m, plus several million more won online. This is the first time Tendler has ever released coaching videos like this.

Mental Game Tune Up for Tournament Poker

Use the code: PokerNews to get $50 off Jared Tendler’s Mental Game Tune Up for Tournament Poker training course. Prepping Your Mental Game – Why & How

Tendler has been coaching elite poker players for over a dozen years, with those players using the materials from this course going on to win WSOP Gold Bracelets, prestigious tournaments and stacks of cash.

The course walks players through the checks they need to get through for them be at their best and play optimum poker. Tendler has gone to the effort of breaking down the course into easy to digest modules, the content is simple to follow […]

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