You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the egg among the Great British Bake Off treats in 15 seconds

WITH The Great British Bake Off returning to our screens in one week, many of us have been picturing the delicious treats we will soon witness come to life.

In honor of the show, a visual puzzle wants to see if you can spot the egg amongst the other Great British Bake Off treats.

Most of us hope to keep our brains and eyes sharp, and a brainteaser can help do just that.

The team at Replay Poker , an online Poker site, created an image filled with classic baking items and one hidden egg to test your vision.

There are rolling pins, oven mitts, whisks, and piping bags, as well as cupcakes, donuts, pies, and macaroons.

The challenge is to find the lone egg somewhere in the image, and the catch is to do it in 15 seconds or less. The various colors of the sweet treats and kitchen tools add to the difficulty, as well as the striped backdrop.

You will likely get mixed up as your eyes scan the page, perhaps drawn to a small fruit or a cut-off chocolate chip cookie that you mistake for the egg.

But if you find the egg in time you’ve passed the test – meaning you have razor-sharp 20/20 vision.

Haven’t found it yet? We’ll help you out.Focus your sights on the top left corner, right beneath the floating rolling pin.What may look like the handle of the pin is actually too light and too large to be so – just look at the other pins in the picture to compare.That right there is the egg. Although it may be hard to spot among the other snacks and colors, the egg is at the top left corner Credit: Replay Poker

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