Hands of the Week: Straight Flush Over Flush and a Failed Final Table Bluff

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Click here to download the My Stack app for iPhone, or click here to download the My Stack app for Android. Final Hand of the WSOP International Circuit Rozvadov

The WSOP International Circuit Rozvadov Main Event attracted 912 players, and after four days of play, the tournament came to a head in Level 35 (300,000/600,000/600,000) when Simone Lombardo raised to 1.2 million and Andrea Ricci three-bet to 4 million with 16 million behind. Lombardo carefully counted his remaining stack and then moved all-in for Ricci to call with the inferior stack size.

Andrea Ricci:
Simone Lombardo:

It seemed all but over on the flop as Ricci needed running cards to a straight or flush. He got one of them on the turn and the rail shouted for the four of diamonds. Sure enough, the fell on the river and Ricci’s rail exploded. Both Italian contenders hugged while the chips were counted and Lombardo was left with around 5 million.
Lombardo was still all smiles when he sat back down and Ricci then jammed the button, Lombardo called it off.Simone Lombardo: Andrea Ricci:The flop gave Lombardo the nut straight and gutshot straight flush draw. Suddenly, Ricci picked up outs on the turn and the magical river completed a miracle runout to eliminate Lombardo. He took home €146,004 […]

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