Natural8 Ambassador Adrian Attenborough's Top Tips for Staying Focused

Adrian Attenborough During the 2022 World Series of Poker , talented Aussie and Natural8 Ambassador Adrian Attenborough stole the headlines throughout his unbelievable run in the 2022 WSOP Main Event , pulling off two of the gutsiest plays of the series on Day 7 of poker’s most famous tournament as well as setting Twitter ablaze following a 19-minute tank during heads-up play.

Attenborough, who was pipped to the Main Event title by Espen Jorstad , recently dished out some words of wisdom on how to stay focused while playing poker and provided some interesting perspectives on the topic. On the Live Felt

Attenborough points out that in live events and live poker, one of the biggest factors in losing is due to a player having a lack of sleep, as he admits his a-game escapes him when he’s sleep deprived.

“Amongst the regulars, there seems to be a competition about who grinds the hardest and who’s played the longest sessions – as if playing long sessions is the mark of a true poker player. I don’t buy into that,” Attenborough noted.

“I’ve never played for longer than a day because I just quit if I get too tired. Some people will stick around for days because “the game is so good, how can I leave?” but poker will always be there tomorrow. I’d rather leave early and play well tomorrow than keep playing just a bit longer because of a particular whale in the game.”

For Attenborough, it’s all about being aware of how his body is feeling. So, if you’re someone who starts a session off strong but always seems to slip up after 12+ hours a play, then maybe think about shaving off a couple of hours off your play time as that could massively boost your win rate. Poker will always be there tomorrow. Replay Poker Limit Distractions When Playing Online

Of course, there’s more to poker than just playing on the live felt. Online poker may be your preferred method of playing the game and while in your own home you could be more prone to distractions.

Attenborough stresses the […]

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