Three awesome poker movies

Are you a fan of poker? If so, then this video is for you! In this video, I’m going to take a look at some of the best movies ever made about poker. We’ll explore the different genres, themes, and styles that make these films so great and why they have such an enduring legacy in pop culture.

From classic Westerns to modern-day thrillers, poker has been a mainstay in film for decades. From the tension of a high-stakes game of Texas Hold ’em to the drama and intrigue of an underground card room, these movies capture every aspect of this beloved pastime. Whether you play poker online or are just looking for some great entertainment, there is something here for everyone. So grab your popcorn, and let’s take a look at some of the best poker movies ever made.


Rounders is a classic poker movie directed by John Dahl and released in 1998. Starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton, the film follows two friends who are determined to make it big in the world of high-stakes underground poker.

Mike McDermott (Damon) is a law student who dreams of one day being “the best card player in the world,” while his best friend Worm (Norton) is an ex-convict trying to stay on the straight and narrow. When Mike’s mentor and old poker partner, Joey Knish (John Malkovich), gets out of prison, he quickly finds himself in debt due to a large gambling loss. Knowing that he has no other option, Mike and Worm agree to help their friend by playing in some of the local underground games with high stakes—and possibly even higher stakes.

The movie takes its viewers on a thrilling ride as Mike, Worm, and Joey travel from one dangerous game to another all around New York City . Along the way, we get glimpses into the lives of these characters and how they struggle with balancing their friendship with their own personal ambitions. As tensions rise between them all, they eventually learn that when it comes to poker—and life—you always have to be prepared for whatever happens next.

Overall, […]

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