Worst Fold In Poker History? Player Mucks The Nuts On Live Stream Baffling Everyone

Here we see what might be the worst poker fold in history. We’ll get to why he did it down below but first, let’s just run through some quick poker terminology.

‘The nuts’ is the absolute best possible hand given a player’s pocket cards and the cards on the board. ‘Mucking’ is just another way of saying folding but without showing your cards to your opponent.

A ‘misclick’ can happen often in online poker when a player presses the wrong button and makes a technical mistake but this is live poker and this is the worst poker fold you’re ever going to see. Jay “JWin” Nguyen loses this nearly $20,000 cash pot with the nuts in his hand, meaning he had the absolute best possible hand and nothing else could beat him.

The worst outcome for him here would be to split the pot if he called and found out his opponent had the same hole cards Qx10x. But he defies all logic and folds. We’ll find out why down below but you simply have to see this hand. And the fact that this was on a live stream really puts it in the running for the worst poker fold ever recorded. The worst poker fold you might ever see in your lifetime: mucking the nuts

Mucking THE NUTS?! (-$19,155) pic.twitter.com/bSofvvJ4E0 — The Lodge Card Club (@LodgePokerClub) September 21, 2022 Let’s break down this hand a little bit… How on earth did he fold the nuts?!

There were four players in the hand when the flop came out. Jay “JWin” Nguyen didn’t catch a single piece of the flop with his Qx10x and one player hit an Ace but has the 2nd lowest kicker possible. Jake first off a $500 bet with 7-5, playing towards an inside straight draw.

At this point, it’s unclear what JWin is doing raising to $800 but I like the aggression and it would’ve paid off later if he didn’t fold the nuts. Jake calls, the ace folds. Now there are just two players left in the hand.

The Turn bring out the 8 of Hearts. This is a […]

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