WPT Global Strategy Ten Quick Improvements You Can Make To Your Poker Game Now

WPT Global Once you’ve learned the basics of poker , you’re probably anxious to get straight into playing the game.

However, you should still try to carve out some time to study poker, even at the earliest stages. To help you start to improve your game without cutting into your playing time, the folks at WPT Global have put together ten bite-sized strategy tips.

These ten short strategy lessons will take less than ten minutes to learn, so you’re never taken away from the table for too long. Tip 1. Position Is Key

Once you have played online poker for a while, there’s a phrase you’ll have heard so many times it’ll start to lose all meaning—”Poker is a game of information.”

This fact is key to understanding why position is so important. The later you act in a given round, the more information you have to work with when you make your first decision. Similarly, every player that acts before you in a hand does so with less information than you.

So, remember that you can play looser, more creative poker in late positions but need to tighten up and play more straightforwardly from earlier positions. Pay particular attention to the blinds where you are last to act before the flop but first to move for every subsequent round. Tip 2. Play Tight-Aggressive

The classic strategy for preflop poker play is tight and aggressive. Tight play means folding a lot of hands, and aggressive play means betting and raising with the hands that you do play.

There are hands you can call and limp with, but, on the whole, if it’s good enough to call, you should probably be raising. Tip 3. Tilt Is The Stack-killer

Tilt is any state in which your emotions are affecting your play. Maybe you’re bluffing too much trying to show up an annoying loudmout, maybe you’re playing timidly after a bad beat. Whenever you deviate from good strategy it costs you money.Don’t tilt. If you do tilt, try some Stoic thought, Zen practice, or CBT exercises to get a handle on it.If none of that works, then […]

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